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When I was in school some of my female classmates had a Polish background. All of them were very intelligent, nice, heartwarming, emphatic and very beautiful. Since this time I have big sympathies for this country and the people living there. I were on a class trip to Crakow, too and the city is nearly impressive as the women coming from Poland. The country has much to give - an interesting history, a cute language, a breathtaking countryside. Only the new political situation makes me sad - as a liberal I am.

But this wasn't the topic I wanted to write about. Actually I wanted to feature some awesome deviantArtists coming from this lovely country. As you already read I'm addicted a little bit to women from Poland. And here are some of them whose accounts you should visit:

:iconphotosofme: For me Marzena is some kind of positive prototype of a female Pole - her beauty is outstanding and she is very photogenic. And she is a redhead - and as we all know redheads are awesome, too! Look in her deep blue eyes and try not to get paralysed. Good look with this exercise! What a pitty (not for her, but for us) she has a boyfriend already. :D

:iconkumeika: Kumeika likes cameras. She is model and she is photographer at the same time. And both jobs are done very well by her. But don't forget - another hobby of her is drawing. So she is multitalented.

:iconbeatryczephotography: I don't think you can call Beatrycze normal. How many female concert photographer you know? Which are a stunning model at the same time? I bet you don't know many representatives of this kind of person. Well, I'm not into piercings, to be honest. But I promise - these aren't the only part of her which will piercing (understood? haha!) your eyes.

:iconilojleen: Dominika - or: Beauty meets masterly skills! I'm not able to describe how good her drawings and paintings are. They are... no! I will fail trying it. Just have a look at her gallery by yourself. Oh - and did I already mention she makes photos, too?

:iconpathyelisia: As I wrote some lines ago - redheads are great! And here is another example of this theory. Pathyelisia is another pretty young lady from Poland sharing her outstanding beauty with us. Her eyes leaves me speechles!

:iconatai: Cosplay is great. Especially if performed by talented and changeable people. Atai is one of this kind of cosplayer. She's cute and sexy at the same time and had cosplayed a wide range of characters already. But this isn't the only talent she got: Furthermore she draws and paints, too.

:iconcalypsen: Marta is a cosplayer, too. But very outstanding is her craftingskill! Look at these costumes and armors - no more words to say, but: Badass! Hollywood will call her somedays, I'm sure.

:iconfarah122: Another time a double-talent in front of and behind the camera: Jolanta is a serious candidate for Poland's next topmodel in my opinion. But her photography-skills are as stunning as her beauty. And hey, look what we have here - she draws, too!

:iconsarielowa: I hope it's okay if I describe Sariel as a Goth model. In every case she is another example for the beauty of Poland. Black suits her very well and you can see this on every picture she made. And... Marzena and her know each other. Another plus factor for both of them! ;)

:iconmrzn89: You maybe know these deep blue eyes, this
fiery red hair, this cheeky smile, this heart attacks causing beauty? Yes, you are right - this is Marzena again! She is so awesome in my opinion I had to put both accounts of her in this list!

I hope you enjoyed this journal entry. Maybe you can understand my feelings for Poland and the women of this country a bit better now. And of course I hope you took a look on these accounts - it's worth it!


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Hmm... what can I tell you about myself? Well, let me have a thought.

First of all - welcome to my profile. :)

I'm not sure if I should told myself an artist, so I didn't marked the casket which appears when you are editing this widget. One of my hobbies is painting my two Tabletop-armies (Warriors of Chaos for Warhammer Fantasy and Chaos Space Marines for Warhammer 40.000), which I'm collecting since some years.

I'm also started a YouTube-channel last year (the link can be seen at the buttom), but I don't spend much time on this project at the moment. Furthermore deviantART isn't the place for YouTube-videos, they should be posted on... uhm... well, YouTube.

So I will share the pictures of the troops which are part of my Tabletop-armies. Maybe somebody of you will enjoy them.

And when you got some time more please have a look at my favourites and please support the artists (and they are artists instead of me) whose works are shown here.

So - thanks for reading and have a nice day. :)

(And I'm sorry for my bumpy English.)

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